Iron Powder Cores

In addition to HARTU inductances, PTR HARTMANN GmbH also offers core components for inductances. The material base consists of electrically insulated iron powder and also alternative iron powder alloys. These are marketed under the brand name of Maniflux®.

Our Maniflux® materials stand out thanks to their adjustable initial permeability, and they combine excellent suppression characteristics with a high level of pre-magnetisability and a low stray field. The loss factor density is an additional important characteristic for the design of an inductance, which is considerably reduced as a result of our coating. This is insufficient for certain applications, and for this reason, in addition to the pure iron powder materials, our product range also includes iron powder alloys. In this case, the loss factor density can again be reduced by more than 50%.

As a result of these characteristics, our Maniflux® materials are ideal for use in, among others, dI/dt chokes for motor controls, in commutating chokes for inverter applications, in interference suppression choke applications at 50Hz, as dimmer chokes, and in storage chokes for high performance levels >2kW.

Our wide range of core geometries (ring, E, EF, cylinder, tube or profile cores, or single-piece pot cores) gives maximum flexibility for the design of chokes. Thanks to our epoxy coating, which stands out due to a high level of dielectric strength with minimal lacquer application, the cores can also be supplied lacquered.

Competition today means that the demand for new products with low mechanical tolerance for soft-magnetic applications is constantly increasing. This is where reliable and fast-acting partners are necessary. In order to respond to these new requirements, PTR HARTMANN GmbH has a service centre which processes soft-magnetic materials. Our standard products are manufactured according to the usual tolerances, and our service centre is able to manufacture – quickly and with a high level of precision – new shapes and dimensions for cores with an iron powder base.

Iron Powder Cores